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30 Favourite Things #22

There has been quite a variety of experiences or special things in this collection of “30 favourite things” — life changing or life-impacting things during my fiftieth year. When I first began writing these entries, I obviously didn’t have a specific plan or order of importance in the posting of these things. They’ve just sort of unfolded — not necessarily even in order of thought… I’ve just written about what’s come to mind on any given day.

To have our boy, Timothy, be called to be a missionary was not a surprise to me. I’ve known all his life

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So, I made it… and here are some photos…

The Fiftieth Birthday… goes on and on…

It was a wonderful day! In the first photo, I was having a cup of coffee at the Useless Bay Coffee company! Yes! Wes took me and his dear mother on the ferry to Langley where we enjoyed a mocha and a ginger-pear scone! It was perfect and that mocha was the *best* I’ve ever had! ;o)

Then, the next photo is the first of a few birthday desserts! This is a torte that Kathryn made — with Irish Creme Mousse and Ganache fillings. It

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30 Favourite Things #21

It’s getting harder to decide which memory or which favourite event to share in this list of “30 Favourite Things of my Fiftieth Year.” I was thinking today that one thing I’m so thankful for in this past year is the realization that time is passing — time has passed.

And so, one of my favourite things has been the many times I’ve realized that I might never do this or that thing again and so I’ve made a concerted effort to do things – to live intentionally instead of by default.

I remember some years ago

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30 Favourite Things #20

In all my life, my greatest gift has been faith and salvation in Jesus Christ the Lord. And in our marriage, in our family – parenting – life work… we are humbled at the mercy of God… the greatest gift — the greatest joy — is walking with Him and knowing our children walk in Truth. That they, too learn to walk in faith is answer to prayers — many prayers for each of them from birth. Answered prayer, each having received the gift of salvation in the Lord Jesus. The baptisms pictured below are of four of our

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30 Favourite Things #19

Truly, the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had… I guess it was so good that it was worth waiting 50 years. :o) Wes took me to the Useless Bay Coffee Co. for that unforgettable, delicious cup of coffee and a scone, too.

Though the weather was stormy, the shops were lovely, the atmosphere was delightful, and the ferry ride to Langley was just perfect, too — but not as delicious as that cup of coffee! So… definitely a favourite memory from this past year, number 19: a mocha from the Useless Bay Coffee Co.


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30 Favourite Things #17

Wow… now my mind’s just clicking along reviewing favourite memories from my fiftieth year. Ordinary days, ordinary things, ordinary experiences. Somehow, when seen through new eyes, things really take on new meaning or have a greater value. For example, because of the deaths of a number of people in the last year, I’ve taken to looking at events in a whole new light. Or, rather, I now understand quite a bit better, my daddy’s comment at a Thanksgiving dinner table many, many years ago. He said, in part, “look around at this table, look at the faces… the next

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30 Favourite Things #16

Birthdays! Birthdays! Birthdays! These were favourite things from my fiftieth year. I’m not sure just which birthday stood out the most over this past year. But one birthday I was *so* extraordinarily happy to celebrate was my husband’s birthday. As I look back I marvel at the goodness and mercy of the LORD and truly, I was/am so thankful the LORD gave him another birthday and I pray for many more. Wes’s birthday was one day shy of one year since he had a heart attack. I recall thinking in the ICCU surgery waiting room: Lord, will he have

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30 Favourite Things #15

A big garden. I’m so thankful that our neighbours wanted to make it a joint effort to have a big garden. And a bigger garden we had, that’s for certain!! It was really quite a big deal to keep that garden weeded, watered and planted and replanted and replanted. Things grew, things died. Things looked beautiful, things looked horrible. O, all the replanting? Well, for some reason or another, several things either didn’t grow well or grew so well that the bugs loved them – thus the replanting of several things – several times.

We were trying to

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30 Favourite Things #14

Another thing among thirty favourite things from my fiftieth year: Facebook! I love Facebook! And, this, from someone who was/is so adamantely opposed to MySpace. Adamantly opposed. As for Facebook “safeguards” — I have opted for the “no ads” on the sidebar and I don’t add many “applications” and don’t add people I don’t know — but it’s totally not an “anonymous” atmosphere. There’s no real anonymity on Facebook. A “safeguard” I have to personally adhere to is: I’ve got to be *very* careful to watch the clock and not spend too much time browsing Facebook! Warning: It. is.

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30 Favourite Things #13

Another favourite memory of my fiftieth year was going to the movie Fireproof! For a bit, the movie was blazing like a wild fire. Though I still don’t have the Love Dare Journal, one of our daughters did buy the DVD of the movie. It really is a great movie I’m so glad to have seen — and I’m so thankful — for many reasons — to have been able to go see the movie in the theater. The first time was with Wes and then again with a couple of our older children; and, if I could, I’d

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