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Category: Recorded Messages My first “webinar”

I had the privilege to present a session of Jennifer’s Morning Motivation webinar this morning.  — and what a fun time it was for me!  I hear the “Go to Meeting” commercials on the radio and the process has sounded great, but I’ve never “attended” an online meeting or webinar before!  So, I’m really glad I got to do it today!  I have sooo missed sharing messages or teachings at meetings and retreats and so to have had this opportunity today was a real blessing for me. I’m always thinking of things I’d like to share with sisters… things the Lord is teaching me, things I’m reading in the Bible, things I’m learning from experiences and observations about marriage and motherhood. This is by no means a complaint,  but I must say, though it was a wonderful experience this morning… the one element I missed was the interaction with others continue reading

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