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The years teach much
which the days never knew.


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The Love Dare

I’d like to share another sort of journey with you. Wes bought me The Love Dare book. And so, I thought it would be sort of neat to share observations along the way as I go on the journey through the Love Dare book. I’ve read the preface, introduction and Day 1. Tomorrow I’ll write about “Day 1 – Love is Patient” and I will entitle each blog entry with the day and the heading. I know I won’t be able to communicate all that happens on this journey […]

I ♥ marriage

I love it. I love my own and I love others’ marriages as well. I love God’s beautiful plan for marriage – His picture and His design. I love the imagery of marriage and am thankful that God, in His gracious wisdom and mercy, created marriage and called it a picture of Christ and the church — the Lord and His bride… that’s an incredible picture — an incredible gift. What a loving and merciful God — to show us Himself by what He creates, what He designs and what […]

Fireproof – the movie – Please *go* see it!

I very rarely make a bold movie recommendation and I don’t think I’ve ever suggested that there’s a movie *every* married couple must see. Until now. Now, I’m not caught up in the afterglow of a tremendous movie or in a bunch of emotional hype that seems to be the order of the day when a person comes out with a guaranteed to change the purpose of your best life now sort of book and I’m not doing a 40 day program with my church and I am not even […]

How Great Is Our God

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O, how great our God.

We watched a terrific dvd last night — I hope we’ll watch it over again tonight — it was that great! It’s How Great Is Our God with Louie Giglio teaching/preaching. In addition to the mind boggling information about the size of the universe, he talks about the intricacy and complexity of the human body and then ends his presentation describing the marvel of the cell adhesion protein molecule “laminin.” Laminin is what holds us together — it’s the “glue” that holds our cells together. I don’t know whether it’s […]