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The years teach much
which the days never knew.


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By The Grace of God

My mind floods with memories today — memories of days, years, decades gone by. So many days, so many memories — so much grace the Lord has lavished on me through the gift of our firstborn daughter.

Two precious sons were born to us before the Lord gifted us all with this great treasure — this inestimable gift. I’m ever mindful that without her, I’d never have made it through. I’m blessed by this–I’m humbled by this. So very humbled by the grace of God in […]

Birthday Princess

Today is not my birthday. Yesterday was not my birthday. The day before yesterday… was. Yet, I woke up yesterday expecting that it should still be my birthday – you know, treats, party hats and special treatment. I call this the birthday-princess mentality. It happens.

The birthday princess mentality is kin to other princess mentalities — you know, the date-princess, the shopping-princess, the napping-princess. You get the idea. It’s as if whenever some delightful thing/event/outing happens, it ought to continue happening, I mean, I am the […]

learning to stand still…

It’s been a week since our daughter, Kathryn, came home from Uganda. It’s amazing to me all that this past week has held. I’ve learned a great deal more about the love of God, the fellowship of the saints, the ministry of the Holy Spirit and faith — faith that God is who He says He is and will do what He says/said: That will He will do and that has He done.

Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see […]

A hero comes home.


When she gets off the plane she’ll likely look much like all the passengers — probably weary, probably shifting the backpack and carry-on and probably looking around to see familiar faces. But to us she won’t be just any ordinary passenger and this won’t be just any ordinary trip to the airport.

She’s left behind hundreds and hundreds of orphaned children, muddy red clay, deeply rutted unpaved roads and a world of poverty, famine and loss. Now she’s become very familiar with a whole different way of life and […]

Happy Birthday Sweet Kathryn

Another birthday away from home… we’re missing you so far away in Jinja, Uganda… but we praise the LORD for His work in and through you and trust Him to continue blessing and blessing you as He has all of your days. We know that the best place and the safest place to be is in the Hand of the LORD – wherever that is in all the world. Thank you Lord — thank you, Kathryn, for the precious gift of you. Happy Birthday, darling! I. love. you. I. miss. […]


At long last… today’s the day…

Kathryn leaves for Uganda this afternoon and so we’re busily wrapping up last minute details… attempting to pack whatever can possibly fit in to eight hours and two suitcases.

I’ll update her letters and photos as I receive them. Thank you for your prayers to the Lord on her behalf. She’s a marvelous young woman and precious daughter and friend.


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