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Month: July 2011 Speech filter

“She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.” proverbs 31.26 As we have “spell-check” to alert us to misspelled words – or a grammar-check to alert us of grammar mistakes, this verse serves a divine speech-check — except that we never get a second chance to say the right thing first.  This verse then would be our speech-filter verse.  The word spoken is spoken – no highlight, delete, re-speak… what’s said is said.   We might tend to say the first thing that comes to our mind — and may not stop and give attention to whether it’s wise or kind.   So then, as we carry on through the day or when we have opportunity to teach or share a thought — we might test our comments by filtering them through this verse. O, how our lives need filtering.   The filter could be described as the continually abiding life.  This filter might be reveling: am I abiding in Christ? Is what I am thinking and/or saying from the Lord?  This filter is sort of a product of the engrafted Word — learning and continually gaining more understanding from the Bible; having our continue reading

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Month: July 2011 Time takes time

In my drafts bucket I have a whole bunch of half-begun and mostly unfinished drafts of letters and blog entries I intended to send or post.  Many never get finished.  I either don’t have time or I don’t have enough of the “rest of the story” in my head to complete the work.  Usually, it’s the former, not the latter. So, time takes time.  I’ve said this to myself, to my children, to other women… I’ve thought this many, many times.  I’ve usually thought this as a self-reminder when a situation seems to be unchanging or a problem seem to linger: give it time.  We all know that things take time — wounds take time to heal, friendships take time to bloom, paint takes time to dry.  But we’re impatient, aren’t we!?!  We want what we want: now.  We weary of waiting.   We need answers.  We must have resolution.  We can’t wait another day… and on and on. I recall saying many times: time heals all wounds (in my head I add, for personal entertainment: time wounds all heels).  But then I mentally slap myself for retaliatory indulgence and determine not to think that thought again — for I sincerely continue reading

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Month: July 2011 Independence Day 2011

It’s Independence Day here in the States.  Independence Day… the day we celebrate many things – Freedom, Family, Life, Independence — not being dependent on another country for our country’s governance or control — in this case, independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. All over the valley, though nightfall is many hours away, the booms are sounding and fireworks dot the sky.  The humming of the  Star Spangled Banner seems to be in the breeze.  We have an old flag — each stripe pieced with heavy, cotton thread and each year I hang it from the flagpole on our front porch.  It has forty-eight stars (God bless Alaska and Hawaii and the year of their admission!) and some small holes in it that’ve been mended.   It represents the history of  this nation — and I’m so glad to have it waving in the breeze today! I guess that’s why I grieve the governmental decisions that seem to disregard the intent and design of the government the Founders were given for this nation.  Further, I would join the many in decrying the systematic disregard of Providence and the squandering of the liberties and freedoms for which innumerable soldiers gave their continue reading

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