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A blogger’s loss & gain

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t think (or mutter aloud) that this or that blog or twitter account will have a crash. In just a matter of time there will be an incident or an avalanche of incidents that will take a blogger to an intersection in her life where she’ll be broadsided some Thursday afternoon and she’ll sit on the floor, head in her hands, crying out to God for His mercy. But for now, she doesn’t ask for help because she doesn’t know she needs it. Yet.

Such was the case for

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Desiring God 2.18.13 – reprint

The Day Luther Died

By Jonathan Parnell | Feb 18, 2013 12:00 am

In Germany 467 years ago, in a small, backwater town called Eisleben, the shaking hand of a dying man scribbled this simple line: We are beggars. This is true.

Martin Luther died on February 18, 1546. These last words of weakness echoed the life-changing truth he’d unearthed in the Scriptures: we don’t bring anything to the table of our justification. Jesus truly died for the ungodly.

Luther came to understand that if we are to be accepted by God, we need a perfect righteousness we

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Seize Opportunities

Seize the moment to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ the Lord. Our nation may have gone over the moral cliff and it seems that doors of opportunity to spread the gospel have been closed. Large numbers of individuals may have rejected God’s moral law, they may, in fact, reject you and the message of the gospel — but the doors are not closed. The darker the night, the brighter the light of one candle. Will you seize the moment and share the Light of the gospel to a dark and sin laden world? You have the life God has

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Things aren’t as ___ .

Hey… how’s your day going? Anybody ask you that yet today? What’s going on in the theater of your mind today? I hope you’ll be encouraged on many levels today.

I can’t pinpoint the thing that drew me to remembering this today — to humming this song (The “Sunscreen” song… a piece attributed to Baz Luhrman that he used by permission, originally written by Mary Schmich). If it’s too loud, turn down your speakers… the intent here is not to blare some rappy tune but I hope a few of these life-experience tidbits of advice

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Daffodils… an encouraging story

A Story to bless you today:

Several times my daughter had telephoned to say, “Mother, you must come to see the daffodils before they are over.” I wanted to go, but it was a two-hour drive from Laguna to Lake Arrowhead “I will come next Tuesday”, I promised a little reluctantly on her third call. Next Tuesday dawned cold and rainy. Still, I had promised, and reluctantly I drove there. When I finally walked into Carolyn’s house I was welcomed by the joyful sounds of happy children. I delightedly hugged and greeted my grandchildren. “Forget the daffodils, Carolyn! The

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a friend’s anniversary letter

I received this letter… and it’s too sweet to not share with you. I console myself with this letter — that perhaps one day I will have a mind to write such a letter. I loved his wife, Florence, even giving our last baby, our daughter Amelia her name as a middle name… and I added “Joy” to it because Florence brought me great joy and encouragement. Amelia bears the name well… as she does for the other woman she’s named after. Although, I never called Mrs. Pais: Amelia, it was, in fact, her name.

Paul Turnidge writes:

Hello All,

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In the life of a blog…

It seems that at some point in the life of every blog there’s a post about blogs in general, about bloggers and why they blog or, specifically, a post about that blog and its purpose.

I don’t know why we do it, but every now and then we do it – we feel the need to amplify our purpose or we feel compelled to justify or defend our writing.

I love words. I love writing. I write all the time. I occasionally post a few of the things I’ve written. I have journals

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If we had to leave in a hurry…

I’ve been thinking of this a little bit lately… what if we had to leave our home in a hurry. No, not because of an impending flood, but for some other reason entirely.

For a little background, I guess I ought to say that we’re not all set up to survive for 90 days or two years or whatever. We don’t have a great huge stockpile of anything. Well, except wheat and pink salt. We do have a bunch of both.

So, I’ve been sort of glancing here and there in our home — taking a brief mental inventory

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The Disney, Halloween and Barbie Phenomena & Indoctrination

Like the unannounced, quiet entry and the subtle dominance of the abortion indu$try, so also, I believe was the gentle entrance and indoctrination of acceptance and embracing of magic. No, not that magic was new – by no means – especially when we consider God’s Word and His dealings with magicians, sorcerers and diviners throughout; but the universal acceptance and endorsement of magic introduced by Walt Disney is predominately accepted and permanently etched in history and in the daily lives of countless millions. Just consider one of the most common family vacation dreams or destinations… Disneyland or Disneyworld. I was

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A few decades

More or less. That’s what we have on this earth: a few decades, more or less.

And I’m beginning to see that the more or less depends not so much on length of time or number of decades as the use of the days and time in each decade. My friend sent me a song… “A Life Profound” by Mica Lee Williams. I listened. I listened again. Because we’re not really familiar with her music, I’m not sure I, or my friend, would likely recommend all of her music or style or spiritual position… I just don’t know. But there’s

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