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Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress

Take time to listen to this… A free society depends on a virtuous and moral people… The new reforms are only further undermining liberty…

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It’s easy to forget some things.

It’s easy to forget some things — many things — really.

It’s especially easy to forget things in a moment of panic, in the tyranny of the urgent or after a long span of time. Or, in an obituary. Or at a memorial service.

I’m thinking you know what I mean. Attending numerous funerals and memorial services through the years has kept this thought pretty fresh in my mind. Time has a way of softening rough edges in some relationships — sharpening them in others — and has a way of distorting things when the accumulation of

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The Love of the Truth

Can you believe we’re living in these days? That in the history of the world — His-story — we’re alive in these days! Remarkable! Truly remarkable! These thoughts and more came to me while reading in 2 Thessalonians 2 and elsewhere today.

All over the world there are great surges of sensational events — and they truly are worldwide; the world is in chaos. And the catastrophes are piling up! The multifaceted cataclysmic tragedy in Japan seems to me to be a great picture of these days — especially within the church.

And a

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slip-slidin’ away…

So, you’re here again today for a visit at the kitchen table. I’m having a cup of tea… because of some recent health problems, I’m making some radical changes. Yes… sniffle, sniffle, one of them includes drastically reducing coffee consumption — caffeine, really, and anything that contributes to high blood-pressure and high cholesterol. I have a little elevation of one and a lot of the latter.

So, I’m trying not to get too caught up in the going’s on. But it’s really difficult to ignore blatant apostacy. I mean, as I have written a number of times in

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“We should not let 2% of the population determine or change the definition of marriage….” RW

Back to “…Rwanda……and what the recession is doing to the spiritual climate of our nation…”

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