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Category: PCOS THM… so much hope

As I press on, on the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) journey, I have so much hope.   I have so much hope bcz I’m so not alone and I’m so not seeing this as a diet but a different way of approaching health and nutrition.  I say this bcz I’ve experienced so many diets in the past.  And the difference, for me, with Trim Healthy Mama (after this, THM), is that it’s not a limited time diet.  By this I mean, it’s not the lemonade-type diet or the military-type diet or the mama with a wayward child/depression diet or the zone-type continue reading

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Category: PCOS Trim Healthy Mama

I’ve recently been on a new journey to *health!*  And, you know what the hardest part has been?  Deciding to take the first step WITH the intent to take each next step on the same journey.  So, if you’re not feeling well, if weight-gain or extra weight has plagued you—–and more importantly, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, maybe a new plan is in order for you, too.  It was/is for me and so I’ve begun this journey to health and healthy weight.  It’s incredibly easy… So why am I including the following song?  Bcz food’s continue reading

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Category: PCOS a slice of an october day

I thought about writing one more post about flies. And then I decided, nah, the first was enough and two was too many. However, day three of my fly-capturing adventure went very well. I think our team won with an arsenal of fly-paper strips hanging in every room and the ever present shop vac: thwp, thewp, thwp. It looks like there are very few flies on the loose. But I wasn’t going to write about flies. But then, I didn’t want to write about school shootings -though the matter is grievous and the families need to be remembered. I didn’t continue reading

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