30 Favourite Things #14

  teacuppamela.pngAnother thing among thirty favourite things from my fiftieth year:  Facebook!  I love Facebook!  And, this, from someone who was/is so adamantely opposed to MySpace.  Adamantly opposed.  As for Facebook “safeguards” — I have opted for the “no ads” on the sidebar and I don’t add many “applications” and don’t add people I don’t know — but it’s totally not an “anonymous” atmosphere.  There’s no real anonymity on Facebook.    A “safeguard” I have to personally adhere to is:  I’ve got to be *very* careful to watch the clock and not spend too much time browsing Facebook!   Warning:   It. is. a. time. vacuum!

I first opened a Facebook account when Kathryn was in Uganda a couple of years ago.  It was a very simple way for us to communicate as the internet connection wasn’t always reliable and leaving notes for her there was a quick and simple process for her to use when internet time was at a premium. We also benefitted as a family bcz we could see “her life” and feel like we were in close touch. 

Well, such has been the case over the last year for Timothy in Ghana and for when Kathryn went back to Uganda.  In addition to writing notes to them (and our other children), which I try to do each day, I’m able to see photos they post or comments from others that are soooo encouraging to me.  It’s such a blessing to my heart to see the many who are praying right alongside me in many places.   It’s been sweet to read the notes and see all the loving encouragement — I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the tremendous support our children have or have had!   How lavish the Lord has been to give us a glimpse of His care — and to show us, often in photographs, what He’s doing in remote places!  We sure see it — and, more importantly, Timothy sees it — the encouragement Kathryn saw before, during and after her mission’s trips.

Another unforeseen benefit has been the great blessing of reuniting with old — and I do mean old!! ;o) — friends.  I wonder if I would have ever sought out some of the old friends I have been able to reconnect with.    Interestingly, it’s like the Lord is answering questions for me… or giving me answers to questions I never thought to ask — sort of showing me (as Paul Harvey might say) the reeeeeeest. of. the. story.

It’s been refreshing, encouraging, and instructive to me on so many levels.  There are downsides — yes, there are downsides to Facebook.  Just like there are downsides to the whole Internet — and I’m not even referring to the obvious potentials for internet sewage to be pumped into homes across the world.  I’m referring simply to the downsides of too much time reading “good things” and other downsides to websites… our website… to blogs… to this blog.  But there is good — there’s potential for a whole lotta good — when discretion is applied.

So, especially during my fiftieth year… it’s sure been fun to see old faces. The reflection in the mirror is not alone. :o)

Facebook.  Don’t say I recommended you ought to get an account.  I’m just sayin.


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  1. I sure agree with you on this one! I love getting reconnected with people I haven’t seen in years, and people I see fairly often.

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