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Cake Pops

A little more traveling around… this time, I want to share with you a fun idea: Cake Pops!

You’ve no doubt seen these in shoppes and Starbucks… but you don’t need to pay the high price to try one of these or to share them with your family. You can make them at home — and, just the way your family would like them!

Here you go:

This woman is soooo fun to listen to — I watched a few more of her videos. Then, following the link to her site, I sure think she’s got a great site

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A Well Stocked Pantry and a PPP List

You might consider taking a good look into your pantry… what you’ve got on hand, what do you use most often and what’s lacking?

Then, if you have them, take a look at your most recent grocery receipts – most stores give enough description for you to cipher what’s on the receipt. This is probably the easiest way to start a food pantry shopping/stock list. A well stocked pantry is invaluable for many reasons — not only does it save you a great deal on so many levels, you also have many more options for mealtimes, unplanned

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Cookies… and more.

Of all the cookbooks I have — and I have many — surely, among my favourites are by Susan Branch — the different “Heart of the Home” cookbooks I began receiving as gifts after Kathryn was born in 1986. They were then, and are now, among my treasured books — not only bcz I have enjoyed the recipes so much, but also bcz the books are simply lovely to read… you’ll see.

This afternoon, I received her email-newsletter — which I will save — as I do each newsletter she sends. They’re far too beautiful not

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I was wondering about the origin of the word, Acronym. And then got to thinking about different acronyms I regularly read. A few, I couldn’t remember the actual meaning — I see some of them every day, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what they stand for. In case you are also wondering: if you want to find acronyms and abbreviations you can look here.

This, from Acronym: “1943 coinage from acro-, comb. form of Gk. akros “tip, end” (see acrid) + Eng. -onym “name” (abstracted from homonym; see name). The practice was non-existent before 20c.

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Write It All Down Before You Forget

If you spend time with me… you know it won’t be very long before you notice me writing something down. I write lots of notes — I even write notes about notes.

Well, tonight in this “write it all down before you forget” blog entry, I actually want to encourage you to add more to your kitchen counter journal or your kitchen log. If you don’t have one, may I encourage you do get a notebook — preferably an inexpensive, but thick, “half sheet size” spiral notebook that you can keep in your kitchen to

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Autumn’s ushering in Winter

It’s sure chilly-chilly here tonight!! The forecast even includes snow! Suddenly it seems to be just fine to give up wishing for warmer days and working in the garden for the year — for now, baking season is here! And around our home it’s time for “special requests.” By this, I mean that it’s time for everyone to submit this year’s favourites for me to bake — or, better said, this year’s update to the list of things “we have to have ________” for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Confession: I simply cannot keep track of who likes what and who

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My First Pie

My first pie was probably the best pie I’ve ever made — though my mama tells me that a fresh blackberry pie I made something like eight years after that first pie was the best pie I ever made. I don’t know if either one was really the best — but in my fond memories, or the events that have made the greatest impression on me are those events that were ‘first’s’ — those attempts at achieving perfection with no experience — it was the best pie.

Perfection doesn’t necessarily come from doing something hundreds of times —

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My husband’s birthday was on Tuesday — we began the day’s celebration with aebelskivers for breakfast for him! I make aebelskivers for special breakfasts — but sometimes, when it seems it’s been ‘awhile’ since I made them, someone will ask for them for breakfast (or dinner!). We serve them with powdered sugar (as you see here) and raspberry or blackberry jam or maple syrup. I’ve been making these for many years — and though at first they are a bit tricky to make, after some practice, they’re a very, very easy and fun breakfast tradition. I have some more photos

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MM Fondant

I’m learning to make some pretty smooth fondant for wedding cakes — well, any cake, actually! This is so easy to make and tastes so nice, I can’t figure out why I ever bought “ready-made” fondant! Not to mention the price. Okay, I will. The cost to make fondant is *significantly* less than the retail price of packaged fondant. Another thing I love about making fondant is the ease of colouring and flavouring the fondant!

I don’t have my A Bella Cake site ready yet, but I’ll be adding photos of cakes there. I’ll link to it when it’s

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Link Potpourri

Men Pleasers I’ve often wondered how, or by what means, the church will be carried away — what will it look like when the elect are deceived (Mark 13.22) and who’ll deceive and be deceived (2Timothy 3.13). When “An influential evangelical leader is coming under fire for saying in a NPR interview he believes in homosexual civil unions and that Christians who oppose same-sex marriage and abortion may still find reasons to support Obama.” the church ought to take notice!

Perfect Turkey Every Time. No Kidding. Was your Ts’giving turkey heavy-duty dry? Well, if you’ll follow Mrs. King’s advice, you’ll

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