30 Favourite Things #20

  teacuppamela.pngIn all my life, my greatest gift has been faith and salvation in Jesus Christ the Lord.  And in our marriage,  in our family – parenting – life work… we are humbled at the mercy of God… the greatest gift — the greatest joy — is walking with Him and knowing our children walk in Truth.   That they, too learn to walk in faith is answer to prayers — many prayers for each of them from birth.  Answered prayer, each having received the gift of salvation in the Lord Jesus.  The baptisms pictured below are of four of our children… to the Praise and Glory of God.

samuel baptism samuel baptism

samuel josiah

Wes had the privilege and joy of baptizing them this past summer at the Believer’s conference north of Deer Lake in Eastern Washington.  The first photo is Samuel (was 18 at the time) and then Stephen (15) and then Joseph (13) and then Naomi (12)

We have no greater joy than that our children walk in Truth.
3John – 4

stephen baptism   Stephen baptism
stephen joshua

It was a tender time of repentance, of commitment to the Lord Jesus and obedience to walk in His ways.

joseph baptism   Joseph baptism
joseph elisha

naomi baptism   naomi baptism
naomi anna-noëlle

Of all the wonderful things that happened in this past year, surely this event is the very best one.  It’s numbered in the entries as #20, but it’s number one… number one of my memories, number one of my hopes and prayers and number one of my goals in parenting our children.

Truly, I have *no greater* joy than that my children walk in Truth.


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  1. How precious!!! You must be so happy. My youngest child was Baptized this past Easter at the age of 11 and I was crying. It is so hard living in this society and culture. We have to keep praying for all these children. Even though they are raised in Godly Christian homes, the world still tries to call them away, and, sadly, it often succeeds. This was such an encouraging post. Thank you for sharing it.
    Mrs. White

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