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Month: April 2004 The CPU barbecue

April 15, 2004  –  I’m using my husband’s computer to post today’s blog.  I’m left-handed challenged here—this is a wave keyboard on a right hand desk—sans a mouse, with a touch pad which is also for a right-handed, or creativity-challenged, person. [WHAT???  are you insulting me on  my own computer??!  –w B-]  I have a marvelous new fan for my computer downstairs and thanks to my guardian angel at Microsoft, I also have a new CPU—for which I am exceedingly grateful.  However, the latest fiasco didn’t stop with the failure of the fan and the subsequent CPU barbecue—no, it also took out the motherboard—which is one year and two weeks old. In less than a week’s time, the case downstairs has been converted into a foot rest, the desk top is a waste management collection site, there are various cords under the desk that appear to be reaching out trying to continue reading

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