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Category: New Year Looking ahead, looking back

I glanced down at the clock as I pulled into the parking garage.  I rounded the corner and pulled into the same space I’d vacated just 7 hours earlier.    Knowing the segment queue was on the :20’s, quickly clicking through the radio stations, I was hoping to hear one of the morning “phone taps” my girls had replayed for me a couple of times.  These “phone taps” are pranks a radio host makes on unsuspecting individuals.  Twisted, I know.  But, given the situation I’d been experiencing, lots of my thoughts were scrambled in those days.  Precious minutes were ticking continue reading

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Category: New Year The Simple Soap

You’re going to love this soap!  When you try your first bar, you’re going to notice an immediate difference between TheSimpleSoap and “commercial” soap company soap.  That’s why I’ve been so excited about The Simple Soap giveaway!  So… later today I will be selecting a recipient of TheSimpleSoap triple bar soap giveaway! So… for several more hours, you have an opportunity to have your name added to the bowl of names in the drawing.  The only thing I’m asking is that you’ll share one thing you’re aiming to do or achieve or stop doing in this new year.  The comments continue reading

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Category: New Year Y2K15 Inspiration and Notable Quotables

No matter how many times I set out to NOT make “New Year’s” or “New Years” or “New Year” Resolutions, I end up making mental lists of resolves anyway.  Somehow, not writing them down makes them safe to consider.  It’s a mind-game — one I usually lose.  Last year I set out to continue instead of to begin a whole list of things because that’s all I really wanted to do at this point, one year ago.  I’d been having success losing weight using the THM plan and my plan was to simply press on.  I did.  Another thing I continue reading

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