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Month: October 2003 October 2003

Go ahead and get a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy today’s blog! Hug your children… love them today; today is all you have. BACK UP YOUR FILES!  IF YOU’VE GOT A BUNCH OF IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON YOUR COMPUTER, MAKE A COPY (AND UPDATE IT FROM TIME TO TIME) AND STORE IT IN A SAFE-DEPOSIT BOX AND/OR AT A FRIEND’s OR RELATIVE’s HOME.  In light of the floods, fires, etc., it would be very good to make copies of your important papers, documents, policies and take them or the originals and file them in the safe-deposit box, too.  I have some other notes that our friend Laura sent me today that I’ll share tomorrow.  It’s too late for bloggin’ and my time is up!  😉 October 31, 2003    Happy Birthday, Laura!! Ahhhh… no bloggin’ yesterday!  Too many things to do around our home and too many people on this system 😉 I’ve been watching the news on the net regarding the California fires.  Our hearts go out to those who’re in desperate situations… all the uncertainties, the grief, fear and loss from the relentless fires.  We commend all the Firefighters, all the volunteers, Police & Rescue and the courageous continue reading

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