Monthly Archives: March 2021

Month: March 2021 Many Site Additions & Updates

Very recently I’ve had to update this site (some of the differences are very noticeable while others are unchanged) as I was using a WordPress theme that is no longer fully supported by the WordPress platform.  I began to notice that certain functions were no longer working, necessitating the change. I didn’t advance with the times regarding the intricacies of technology so I don’t have the eagerness nor the curiosity to explore building another website and certainly don’t possess the depth of knowledge required to even begin to do it. So I’ve been quasi content with the WordPress ‘plug it continue reading

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Month: March 2021 Life’s Greatest Hindrances are its Greatest Teachers

More and more I find that what I used to consider my greatest hindrances were, in fact, my greatest teachers.  I used to believe that my troubles were attributable to lack of finances and consequently, thought all of them could be solved by a surplus.  I considered disadvantages and often almost totally overlooked the great trust and creativity I was developing and gaining over the years.   I used to overlook what God was placing right before my eyes.  Troubled with how things were going to work out—crippled by fear that they wouldn’t, days were difficult and money seemed scarce.  Little continue reading

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