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The Welcome Home Blog for June 2003 June 30, 2003  The final day of June!  Amazingly the year is half over—already!!  Days are long and weeks fly by!!! We’re looking at school sites today… looking for printable worksheets and we came across another valuable site for these.  It’s a secular site, so not all the subjects/subject areas will be pertinent to us. I’m sure it’s an invaluable site for teachers… hence the name: Sites for Teachers.  We are trying to get lots more schooling in during these days so that when we have ‘vacation days’ we can just totally relax knowing that we’ve attempted to do our best all the other days.  We find that schooling year around is best for our family because of all the different things we like to do year ’round.  We like to take drives, do canning, gardening, some go to work to with Daddy, continue reading

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