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Month: February 2021 Motherhood’s early years: Why It’s Hard

The other day I was browsing the aisles of a local thrift shop — not that I need another thing, but since many of our things are in a storage unit, on more than one occasion recently, I’ve needed to pick up an item or two.  This time, of all things, I needed a cake pan.   I didn’t find what I needed, but the trip was more than edifying. An eager, loving young boy was pointing out to his mother all the things he would like to buy for her and telling how nice they would be in her kitchen… how nice a picture would be on their wall… do you love this, mama? As he continued to find perfect treasures and had a comment or question for each, she replied appropriately to his statements or questions… she was attentively listening but occasionally reminding him they had a few things to look for. I’d have lingered longer but I had other stops to make. I decided not to let the moment go unnoticed and mentioned to the mama that she sure had a kind and fine young son there… and that she was doing a great work. She thanked continue reading

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Month: February 2021 Songs in the Night

There is a River… The truth of this beautiful song comforted me back to sleep a few times throughout the night and into this morning. I’m evermore thankful for God’s prompting, His presence, His provision in and through music. Similar to memorized Scripture, being the only thing one can read on the ceiling in the dark, music can play in the theater of our mind and be used of God to bring comfort, clarity — calm to a stressed, anxious, worried mind. The concerns of the day were heavy on my heart last night so it seemed best to just get ready for bed, read for a little bit and turn off the light. In prayer I drifted off to sleep.  There is a river… the background music to my sleep through the night, waking long enough to mentally hear it, then sleeping once again.  A few times this occurred and this morning I shared it with my husband. He quickly found and played the song for me and I sang along with great thanks to God for His provision of not only sweet, restorative sleep, but His presence and songs in the night. This isn’t an isolated case; it’s continue reading

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Month: February 2021 The Eternal God is thy Refuge

The Word says the Lord’s mercies are new every morning. And, for me, God’s proven that to be so. 

“As thy days, so shall thy strength be…
The eternal God is thy refuge
and underneath are the everlasting arms…”
—Deuteronomy 33.25, 27

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Month: February 2021 ReBlogging

Lots of women do this. Every day they do this. For years I wrote every day. But then a reality check came. And the reality was this: I was so consumed with doing all I was doing that I forgot/neglected what I was supposed to be doing. I think lots of early sites, early website designers/builders and then bloggers fell into this same thing: out of control distraction! I’ve had the honor and privilege of talking with some of them over the years. One such blogger, Keri Lamar, who faced a similar ‘day of reckoning, is the author of Present:  How one woman pulled the plug on distraction to connect with real life. It’s worthwhile reading (along with the Present Journal). In the 90’s, internet was new and thrilling —a time of information explosion— bulletin boards, seemingly unlimited content, email, internet chatrooms/groups/platforms were big. Really big. And SO easy! The allure was amazing, captivating and intoxicating.  And captivated we were — sometimes for hours on end. Days evaporated.  I’ve written from time to time about this early {and ongoing} distraction and time drain (Here and many other posts on internet addiction). Once I got hooked on internet lists/groups, I began to gather material continue reading

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Month: February 2021 The Next Right Thing

And often we jump to do the next thing in haste (because it’s on the list and because: it. is. the. next. thing.) when we ought stop to evaluate what the next right thing is. 

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