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Pamela’s Guacamole Dip

In light of Cinco de Mayo, mañana… here you go – a guacamole recipe to go with whatever you’re fixing (you can make it with lower/no fat mayo and it will work just fine). O, and don’t forget to get a bag of *Juanita’s Chips or fry your own *flour tortillas that you’ve cut into wedges. *These are not THM 😉 ♥

Guacamole Recipe Type: Dip Cuisine: Mexican Author: ♥ pamela Prep time: 20 mins Total time: 20 mins Serves: 8 cups Guacamole dip for chips, taco salad, etc., Ingredients 5 Large Avocados 2 tomatoes 1 small yellow

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Baby days: ‘Groaning Cake’

These are exciting days as we eagerly anticipate the call that labour’s begun for the newest grandbaby. I feel as though I, too, have been nesting as I’ve been gathering things for the birthing day, excitedly anticipating, along with our son and daughter-in-law, the birth of this little one.

Kate and I were talking the other day about things she’s still needing for the upcoming birthing day… and she mentioned Groaning Cake. I’d not heard of the cake by that name, specifically, but it sounded a lot like ‘energy muffins‘ I’ve made for labouring and

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cookies! cookies! cookies!

Each year at Christmastime, I look forward to making plates of cookies for our family and friends. And for the last twenty-some-odd years, I’ve enjoyed using special recipes in my cookbooks written by Susan Branch. While I still love my old cookbooks and recipe cards the most, with the advent of the internet and the ease of gathering and printing out recipes, our cookie recipe sources and variety have increased greatly! Many years ago I began posting links to Susan Branch’s recipes and, more specifically, her beautiful and artistic cookie link page. So, here you go… again this

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THM ♥ mama’s recipes

It’s a beautiful day here! Sunshine always seems to change my outlook — sort of, no matter what I’ve got to do, if the day’s a sunny one, generally, my attitude is sunny, too! It’s taken me all these months of ‘working at’ the Trim Healthy Mama plan to get confident enough to begin sharing some of the different recipes or how I’ve learned to use the different recipes in the book — but every day I learn something new! Ever a “free-styler” I have to really work at following the recipes. But I’ve come

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pamela’s cinnamon rolls

After I made a Cinnamon Roll Wedding Cake this past weekend, several people have asked me for the recipe.  And so I thought the best way to do it was to try and concisely write it out here so that you could have it, refer to it and so on. 

Here you go… it’s less complicated than I think I’ve made it seem here… and for that, I’m sorry — I just wanted to attempt to include the different steps you’ll take for the prepping of these rolls.  I’d suggest getting everything together first (including the

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Cabbage Patch Soup

I’m testing out a new idea here… using an old recipe. 

As I migrate more things from AChristianHome website, recipes will be added here.  This is just a test for now.

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Cake Pops

A little more traveling around… this time, I want to share with you a fun idea: Cake Pops!

You’ve no doubt seen these in shoppes and Starbucks… but you don’t need to pay the high price to try one of these or to share them with your family. You can make them at home — and, just the way your family would like them!

Here you go:

This woman is soooo fun to listen to — I watched a few more of her videos. Then, following the link to her site, I sure think she’s got a great site

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Dupers Duping

So, I’m drinking my tea… browsing the news (okay, yes, and checking in on Facebook), and I noticed an article about new food packaging. Arrggghh! If there’s a subject that’s really gotten me going lately, it is this!! Less food in “better” packaging for more money! Arrggghh!

Bought a box – bag – whatever, package of bathroom tissue from Costco — the marketing! Omy. These rolls were giant rolls = like getting two regular rolls in one. A week or so later, I’m standing there looking at the two packages. One package contained x number

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Autumn’s ushering in Winter

It’s sure chilly-chilly here tonight!! The forecast even includes snow! Suddenly it seems to be just fine to give up wishing for warmer days and working in the garden for the year — for now, baking season is here! And around our home it’s time for “special requests.” By this, I mean that it’s time for everyone to submit this year’s favourites for me to bake — or, better said, this year’s update to the list of things “we have to have ________” for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Confession: I simply cannot keep track of who likes what and who

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My husband’s birthday was on Tuesday — we began the day’s celebration with aebelskivers for breakfast for him! I make aebelskivers for special breakfasts — but sometimes, when it seems it’s been ‘awhile’ since I made them, someone will ask for them for breakfast (or dinner!). We serve them with powdered sugar (as you see here) and raspberry or blackberry jam or maple syrup. I’ve been making these for many years — and though at first they are a bit tricky to make, after some practice, they’re a very, very easy and fun breakfast tradition. I have some more photos

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