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Month: May 2014 gleaning

Each Tuesday morning I make a short trip north in our little town to a church where I join others in gleaning what the Lord’s provided.  It dawns on me that each week that’s not all He’s provided and the purpose for me being there isn’t simply to glean.  But I miss that truth sometimes in my gleaning hustle and bustle. Gleaning’s a lot like other stuff that has to do with food.  You know what I mean, gleaning?  It’s where there are boxes and boxes of breads and fruits and vegetables that have been culled from, primarily, the different markets’ produce departments.  It’s what’s been damaged in some manner or what’s going south — that’s my term for fruits and vegetables that are just about to be compost material.  Sort of like orange juice that’s sat out all night on the counter and you take a sip and realize continue reading

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Month: May 2014 Christian Heritage Conference (part 1)

It’s been nearly a couple of weeks since the Christian Heritage Homeschooling and Family Discipleship Conference (whew! that’s a mouthful!) and I’ve continued to mull over some of the more “life impacting” elements of the conference.   I don’t know when the CH site will be updated, but it will be worth bookmarking and looking through the resources and future events/opportunities. First, I’m sure glad we decided to attend the conference — and that we went to the many of the keynotes and workshops we did.  And, I’m so thankful for the opportunities we had to visit with old friends and acquaintances we’ve made at the conferences through the years.  I’m also glad we took the opportunity to browse through the large vendor hall and all the different curriculum booths and book tables of individual vendors.  It was nice to see that Above Rubies had a booth there, as well.  I continue reading

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