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♥ THM “Pay Off Day” yummies

Are you stuck? Are you stalling? (This post is teetering THMers) Are you wanting to give up thinking you’ll ever get back on track Trim Healthy Mama stlye? Maybe you have used the Trim Healthy Mama plan with great-great results — weightloss, strength, energy, and confidence. Yep, me, too. Maybe you drifted away and gained back ten of the many more pounds you lost. Yep, me, too. Maybe you’ve tried to get back on track dozens of times. Yep, me, too. Maybe you’ve read or followed Sheri Graham, Gwen’s Nest, the THM books, THM websites and/or all sorts

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THM ♥ mama’s recipes

It’s a beautiful day here! Sunshine always seems to change my outlook — sort of, no matter what I’ve got to do, if the day’s a sunny one, generally, my attitude is sunny, too! It’s taken me all these months of ‘working at’ the Trim Healthy Mama plan to get confident enough to begin sharing some of the different recipes or how I’ve learned to use the different recipes in the book — but every day I learn something new! Ever a “free-styler” I have to really work at following the recipes. But I’ve come

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THM = preparedness; sincerely.

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Many women are enjoying great success following the Trim Healthy Mama book & eating style or plan. But many women aren’t. I notice this many times as I read the different posts on the Facebook THM group “encouragement page” [my description] and the number of comments that are either negative or reflect a lack of being able to stick with the THM meal plans. Many women are simply feeling defeated as they try to “stay on plan.”

I don’t know why this is, exactly, but I think it has a lot to

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the comforting hedge

Four months ago I began the THM journey and what amazes me is how simple it’s been to stay the course with no intention or temptation to quit or get it over with. I’ve never stayed with a plan in my life—but that’s not to say I’ve not tried a whole bunch of plans, diet-shakes, crash diets — only sticking with them for a few days or even a few weeks but always going back to the whatever, whenever way of eating. The THM plan is so simple… the freedom is incredible. There is so much freedom —

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so many THM resources

There are so many Trim Healthy Mama resources to give you all the tools you need to succeed in changing your eating lifestyle and find “your trim” or you level of healthy weight and energy. Along with all that, you’ll see that all these resources will give you ample instruction, inspiration to press on each day as you explore all the many meal and snack options along with daily doses of encouragement and a push now and then to run the race… or to get back up and keep running the race if/when you fall off course. Joining

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homemade almond milk

I want to share a really simple, delicious and inexpensive alternative to “store-bought” almond milk. I hope you try it and enjoy it. I’ve made this twice now and am really thankful for it! You’ll find a number of recipes in the Trim Healthy Mama book calling for almond milk. I found it to be pretty expensive at the grocery store — plus, from time to time I haven’t been able to get to the store, so this method is a nice alternative for me.

I fill a quart mason jar about 1/3 full of raw

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