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Month: February 2016 CSA… It Steals and Steels

For days my mind’s been flooded with grief and all sorts of other CSA  emotions I’ve been trying to stifle. (I wrote this a week ago; gripped with the reality that sexualabuse steals and steels.  Today I wondered if I wrote it as another of many, many entries I would write and never publish.  But I’ll publish this today with the prayer that grown up little girls might be helped, encouraged and comforted — not alone, not wrecked, not forever bad or without hope.) [trigger warning] Hot tears flooded my eyes as I read a letter describing the discovery of sexualabuse that would lead to the destruction of a family, a home, and many individual lives.  The truth is that already bits of little lives have been forever altered, forever raw, forever lost, forever attempting to get and/or understand a correct picture of what God designed and intended for each little life. Child sexualabuse steals and steels.  Decades later, I see this grim reality. Decades later, I’m still occasionally gripped with the sneak attacks of fear, horror, anger, deception, and disgust that stem from my childhood experiences.   Instantly, brought to mind, is a childhood memory of being at the circus continue reading

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