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The years teach much
which the days never knew.


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Motherhood: A Call to Carry On

Carry on.  When you’re drop dead tired and there’re still several hours and as many chores left to do at the end of the day: Carry on.  When you have so much to do you don’t know how you’ll do it all: Carry on.  When you have so many needs to fill and seemingly not enough resources to fill them all: Carry on.  When you’re weary and successes are few and failures are many: Carry on.  When you feel all alone and as if no one cares for […]

Dear Sarah…

[ongoing Letters to my friend…]

Dear Sarah, I’m just checking in to say hello and to encourage you to… Press on. :o)

The weather’s changed just a bit and the day doesn’t seem as bright out — and so I got to thinking about you and am just praying that you’re doing well — that you’re not discouraged with the load you are carrying in this season.

So, as I send this, I am praying […]