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I have a few Starbucks aprons I’ve picked up, second hand, along the way.  One of them has a printed tape inside the top of the apron.  I’m assuming it was positioned there so that it would be seen (and intentionally read) each time the barista positioned the neck strap and donned the apron. As with many other aprons I have, I’ve worn this one many times.  Until recently, I never even noticed the black tape sewn inside the top band of that apron.  Thus, I’d never read the message intended for the baristas: We create inspired moments in each customer’s day. ANTICIPATE   CONNECT   PERSONALIZE   OWN I’ve written about aprons a few times — even have some for sale — that’s how important or meaningful aprons are to me.  And I think they ought to have a more prominent role in kitchens.  But that’s another blog-post for continue reading

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No matter how many times I set out to NOT make “New Year’s” or “New Years” or “New Year” Resolutions, I end up making mental lists of resolves anyway.  Somehow, not writing them down makes them safe to consider.  It’s a mind-game — one I usually lose.  Last year I set out to continue instead of to begin a whole list of things because that’s all I really wanted to do at this point, one year ago.  I’d been having success losing weight using the THM plan and my plan was to simply press on.  I did.  Another thing I wanted to do was to press on reading my Bible each day.  I determined not to again resolve (and fail) to read-it-through-in-a-year but to simply read it each day.  Most days I did. I want to improve this.  I recall last year’s thoughts — and many previous year’s resolutions, actually, continue reading

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