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A fresh clean start… and a GIVE AWAY!

From The Welcome Home… A Fresh Clean Start to the New Year!

You’ll love this giveaway!

I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend Emily. In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she and her family run The Simple Soap — a company that allows them to work together creating the most luxurious soaps. Made from the finest organic ingredients, various herbs and essential oil fragrances are combined with natural palm (sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms in Columbia), coconut and olive oils to give you a delightful bathing experience. I think you’ll find that The Simple Soap will

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Anderson Family Farm

Our friends, Rick and Kimberlee Anderson’s family business, Anderson Family Farm, is one of the nominees in the Audience Choice Award for one of  Martha Stewart’s features: American Made.   Would you consider taking a moment to vote for this family business as it will help them gain business exposure.  You may also want to help them in a “modern day barn raising” as they seek to move forward in expanding their family enterprise.   Thank you so much for your consideration.

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Life’s Threads

Through the years we gather and carry with us so many experiences and acquaintances. All of these are mingled among the successes and failures in the different testings and affirmations of faith. I marvel: the handiwork of the Lord; I marvel that He never misses a thread. Things I think are wasted, things long forgotten, prayers and petitions, praises and disappointments… God’s still holding all the threads of these things.

Time passes and memories fade — and then, seemingly by chance, an old friendship is rekindled, a memory is brought to mind, a photograph sparks thoughts

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Sweetest Day

It is the third Saturday of October — Sweetest Day. For many people, for many reasons, today is [the] Sweetest Day.

I’m thinking that, after reading an article about an abortionist who was gripped with the reality of what abortion really is, maybe some will make a decision, on this Sweetest Day, to decide/admit/repent once and for all that abortion is murder of a precious little baby — and to, from henceforth, recognize and proclaim the truth of abortion and admit the heinous atrocity of destroying human life and the lucrative abortion industry and its insidious, pernicious lies.


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30 Favourite Things #17

Wow… now my mind’s just clicking along reviewing favourite memories from my fiftieth year. Ordinary days, ordinary things, ordinary experiences. Somehow, when seen through new eyes, things really take on new meaning or have a greater value. For example, because of the deaths of a number of people in the last year, I’ve taken to looking at events in a whole new light. Or, rather, I now understand quite a bit better, my daddy’s comment at a Thanksgiving dinner table many, many years ago. He said, in part, “look around at this table, look at the faces… the next

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Sorrow skips no home

This autumn’s sure brought a strange season of sorrow… and though I’ve often said, sorrow skips no home, it seems its presence is far more prevalent in recent weeks. So much sorrow… so much loss. Though some loss is expected, the sorrow is never really conceived until it washes over the home… then, its intensity is overwhelming. Sorrow’s not only in death and loss, it’s in change and disappointment, sickness and disability. Sorrow’s so intensely personal and yet touches everyone who’s associated in some manner to the circumstances at the center of that sorrow… so sorrow’s sort of a

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Remembering Bob Bruzas

Robert Alan “Bob” Bruzas

“Bob Bruzas was born on September 22, 1943 in Seattle, WA to Joseph and Ruth Bruzas. He was raised in Bothell and graduated from Bothell High in 1961. A love of children led him to pursue volunteer work with Easter Seals, and a career in teaching. He graduated from Washington State University in 1966. He was the director of Camp Patterson, for disabled children, for 13 years. This is where he met his wife, Hildi, who worked there as a counsellor. They married in 1972, and began raising their family in Everett,

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loyal — to the end

[September 6, 2007] Several weeks ago I wrote but never completed the following blog entry. Now that story has an ending. My heart is heavy today as I think of our friends and the first day they spend without their husband/father. Wes took Hannah back over to Idaho on Sunday morning so that she could continue helping our friends and she called a bit after midnight to share that the final chapter was complete. Today our friend, Bob, woke up in the presence of the Lord Jesus… in the presence of all the saints who’ve gone before and of the

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the triple seven wedding

When I don’t blog for a bit, you can pretty much guess that I am: a) out of the country, b) on a cruise, c) shopping at Nordstrom, d) sunning at the beach or e) catering a wedding. Well… I will surprise you: this time it was not A-D. ~wink~

So, the day of the wedding we’d been planning for finally arrived — and what an honour it was to be asked to cater the reception. This wedding was for our daughter-in-law’s sister. It was important to me to be as careful as I could be in the selection of

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