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Month: December 2014 Y2K15 Inspiration and Notable Quotables

No matter how many times I set out to NOT make “New Year’s” or “New Years” or “New Year” Resolutions, I end up making mental lists of resolves anyway.  Somehow, not writing them down makes them safe to consider.  It’s a mind-game — one I usually lose.  Last year I set out to continue instead of to begin a whole list of things because that’s all I really wanted to do at this point, one year ago.  I’d been having success losing weight using the THM plan and my plan was to simply press on.  I did.  Another thing I wanted to do was to press on reading my Bible each day.  I determined not to again resolve (and fail) to read-it-through-in-a-year but to simply read it each day.  Most days I did. I want to improve this.  I recall last year’s thoughts — and many previous year’s resolutions, actually, continue reading

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Month: December 2014 A fresh clean start… and a GIVE AWAY!

From The Welcome Home… A Fresh Clean Start to the New Year! You’ll love this giveaway! I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend Emily.  In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she and her family run The Simple Soap — a company that allows them to work together creating the most luxurious soaps.  Made from the finest organic ingredients, various herbs and essential oil fragrances are combined with natural palm (sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms in Columbia), coconut and olive oils to give you a delightful bathing experience.  I think you’ll find that The Simple Soap will be your favourite soap! For the next week I’ll be watching for comments here and on Facebook and will select a recipient.  Once selected, I’ll send you a note and you can reply privately with your address so that I can mail your gift — an assortment of three soaps from The continue reading

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Month: December 2014 cookies! cookies! cookies!

Each year at Christmastime, I look forward to making plates of cookies for our family and friends.  And for the last twenty-some-odd years, I’ve enjoyed using special recipes in my cookbooks written by Susan Branch.  While I still love my old cookbooks and recipe cards the most, with the advent of the internet and the ease of gathering and printing out recipes, our cookie recipe sources and variety have increased greatly! Many years ago I began posting links to Susan Branch’s recipes and, more specifically, her beautiful and artistic cookie link page.  So, here you go… again this year, the fun cookie jar filled with oodles of links to delicious “more please” and “tradition-worthy” cookie and *treats!* recipes!

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