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Category: Musings Why I Write

 rowsing Twitter this morning, I noticed the hashtag #WhyIWrite and I decided to click on the link to read why others write.  Not surprising, the answers or reasons are very similar—very familiar, albeit with an occasional condescending comment.  It’s the occasional condescension that trips me up from time to time, but over time I’m learning to not take negative opinions so seriously (and I sure hope those twitter writers weren’t derailed by some of the rude comments).  Insults, along with self-doubt, really have an effect on creativity, so it’s been instructive to me to weigh negative comments carefully, glean what I can and literally ignore the rest.  Sometimes, insults can be instructive: they help me refine my message, they help me see what I might be blind to and surely to see what I don’t want to be, and they help me clarify or to attempt to more carefully articulate continue reading

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Category: Musings that you may contribute a verse

My husband sent me a link to a site — I clicked the link and read the words: What will your verse be? I read and reread the article — trying to comprehend the depth of the meaning of the words.  I read the poem from which the thought was taken.  I still mulled over the words.  In an instant they’re easy to read and understand.  What will your verse be?  What will your verse be? What will your verse be? What will your verse be?  Hmmmm… you mean today, right now?  Does this mean tomorrow?  Does this mean in the end? Does this mean in my obit? Not remembering this poem specifically, but knowing that in my earlier years I’d read it in my American Lit class — still, I needed to go and look it up.  Hmmmm, Leaves of Grass – Walt Whitman, O Me! O Life!  I’d read continue reading

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