Monthly Archives: May 2015

Month: May 2015 Our House Our Welcome Home

♫ Never_Walk_Alone We stepped inside the front doorway of our new house nineteen years ago.  From that moment, this nearly one hundred year old farmhouse felt like home to me.  In my notebook that I carried most everywhere I went was a page of notes — prayer requests, actually.  And among those requests were *specific details — astonishingly, continue reading

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Month: May 2015 Pamela’s Guacamole Dip

In light of Cinco de Mayo, mañana… here you go – a guacamole recipe to go with whatever you’re fixing (you can make it with lower/no fat mayo and it will work just fine).  O, and  don’t forget to get a bag of *Juanita’s Chips or fry your own *flour tortillas that you’ve cut into wedges. *These are continue reading

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