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Category: Thanksgiving And Be Ye Thankful

As I recall a very important turning point, nearly twenty years ago, I was lamenting to my husband how worried I was about the coming winter and my husband lovingly said to me, “Sweetheart, it’s a sin to worry.” O, that’s not the answer I was looking for. I think I wanted his conciliatory comfort and agreement. I even think I wanted him to lament the situation with me. But not really. For I really know I wanted to be right with the Lord – I wanted to have the right response of faith and not of unbelief. And I really know I wanted him to have the right response. It’s what I really always want from him. It was truly a loving thing to tell me — that it was a sin to worry — for it was the truth then, it is now and has been in all the years in between that day and this. In worrying, we take God out of the equation of our lives — we put Him in the passenger seat, the back seat or even out of our ‘car’ — and we live apart from Him, apart from faith and *in* fear. continue reading

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