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Quilts.  Old quilts meticulously stitched by great grandmothers… store bought, machine pieced quilts and ones made by different friends.  I love to look at them — studying the patterns and pieces, but I didn’t know I’d come to love them in the way I have.  I’ve always loved the kinship of customers and clerks in a fabric store, but I didn’t really understand the incredible and instant camaraderie that nowhere else seems to be experienced quite like what you’ll find in a quilt shoppe.   The instant “sisterhood” is unique. As I walked with my friend,  I began to develop a love and appreciation for quilting I’d never known previously — actually, as each day passed, I became more and more intrigued by quilters themselves.  Quilting is not just the stitching of complimentary fabrics and pieces — it’s much more than that. It seemed that the sheer anticipation alone of spending continue reading

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Country Cupboard Quilt Design Blocks: The Churn Dash quilt block is a traditional design that hearkens back to days on the farm and the pleasure of some of the old domestic chores. The Windblown Puzzle quilt block has a versatile kinetic design like a colorful, spinning pinwheel. The Grandma’s Bowls quilt block will remind you of learning to cook from the resourceful women in your family. The Chimneys and Cornerstones quilt block is an enhanced traditional pattern with an attractive architectural look to it. The Garden of Eden quilt block looks like a little piece of paradise, with an abstract cross and four diamonds. The Heart Can quilt block portrays freshly picked flowers in an old coffeepot. Picture it sitting on your windowsill. The Apple Pie quilt block is so appetizing it actually looks like it would smell good. It’s perfect for a country- or kitchen-themed design. The Honey Pot continue reading

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