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Foundational Verses

Through the years as I’ve walked with the Lord, as I’ve walked (or crawled) through the Bible, I’ve marked meaningful verses or passages. In doing so, I’ve come to see a pattern for myself: foundational verses that I run to, or stand on, regardless my circumstances.

They are my mental go-to Scriptures when I face trials; they are my affirmations when I see specific provisions or His specific answers to prayer. I say ‘His specific answers to prayer’ bcz they are not necessarily the answers to the prayer requests I made, but surely the answers

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Waiting. Perhaps the simplest and most difficult action we’re commanded is waiting. I don’t know if anything epitomizes our sin nature more than our natural response to waiting. We’re naturally prone to not wait. To not want to wait. To not seek to wait. More often than not, we believe or live as though we believe otherwise. Think of the times you’ve exclaimed, “I cannot wait!” in reference to an upcoming event or for somewhere you want to go or for something you want to do or for someone you want to see. But in the end, you

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Standing in the Son

Though I use it most every day, it’s only every now and then that I take note of the verse imprinted on the cover of the notebook I’m currently using: “May the Lord bless you and keep you, and give you peace.” from Numbers 6.24-26

I have dozens of such books since I began note-taking & journaling many years ago. I’ve made a concerted effort to revisit the books from time to time — not only to see where I’ve been compared to where I am today, but to see what the Lord was showing

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more grace

I’m thankful to have woken early this morning… long before my alarm was to ring (and more thankful now, that I didn’t disregard the purpose and attempt to go back to sleep). I’ve come to see that, in these sorts of times, the Lord has work to do in me — though, sadly, I often don’t see it or acknowledge it at the time. In such times, I know it’s sort of a wrestling match when I awake, instantly aware of the presence of the Lord — and then, almost simultaneously, I’m conflicted and reason (or attempt to

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