30 Favourite Things #13

teacuppamela.png Another favourite memory of my fiftieth year was going to the movie Fireproof!   For a bit, the movie was blazing like a wild fire. Though I still don’t have the Love Dare Journal, one of our daughters did buy the DVD of the movie.  It really is a great movie I’m so glad to have seen — and I’m so thankful — for many reasons — to have been able to go see the movie in the theater.  The first time was with Wes and then again with a couple of our older children; and, if I could, I’d go see it again tonight — yes, I loved it that much — and it meant that much to me.

You know why it means so much to me?  It’s so meaningful or so significant to me because I love the Lord — I love His marvelous plan for marriage — I love that HE was at the center of this movie and I love that the gospel was clearly presented in an age when people are trying to make the gospel or salvation real easy and real common.

If the gospel or salvation was real easy and real common, then Jesus wouldn’t have paid the great price He paid and God’s perfect standard would be pretty casual — even petty.  But the price Jesus paid was anything but casual and light — it truly was beyond description.  God’s perfect will and standard can be met by no man for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.– it’s only through faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning death and resurrection that we can come before the Holy Lord God — receive forgiveness of sins and life eternal.  Men leading huge ‘congregations’ in mega ‘churches’ all over the world aren’t telling the whole truth and people are going to hell bcz they duped into believing a counterfeit — a false gospel — not the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Lord.

I love that the movie, Fireproof, clearly presents the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ — and makes no apology or excuse.  How I love that!!

I marvel at how scripted life seems to be.  I mean, for example, it was interesting to me that the characters in the movie, Caleb and Katherine would say things that I (and you, no doubt) have heard people say. I’m talking about people who are married – or, rather, people who are unhappily married.  They all seem to say similar things – things like: s/he doesn’t understand me; s/he doesn’t listen to me; s/he doesn’t care about me; I’m not the same person I was when we got married… I never loved you… We’re not the same people anymore…. and on and on the similar comments go — on and on the script goes.  The enemy has such common ways of deceiving people and feeding them lies.

But – Fireproof – or the methods presented in this movie can change lives — change directions of marriages.  This movie – or the following of the ideas, principles, etc., etc. in this movie can — or I dare say — will change lives — will change marriages.

I love what’s happening bcz of this movie and His Word.   The men and women who are taking a long hard look at where they’re at – the state of their lives, marriages, and homes.  In this day of foolishness in our nation – in this day of evil and blasphemy — in this day of arrogance against God, I love that a movie was playing in “mainstream theaters” and people are being given the opportunity to see the Truth.  Whew!  Love it.

I love being married (but, I already told you that a bunch of times over the years).  I love having been married a long time. I love hearing people’s great reactions to this movie — and I pray many, many more will see this movie, buy the DVD, buy the Love Dare Journal and begin the Love Dare and journey the path of restoring marriage, fortifying marriage, strengthening marriage or affirming marriage.  Whatever needs to happen in each home, I pray the LORD will work on behalf of all whose hearts are turned to Him and turned to reading His Word and obeying the Lord in word and in deed.  I pray men and women will be healed – that men and women will have freedom from addictions that are destroying their lives, their marriages, their homes.  I pray many will turn to the LORD and be free from the bonds of sin and penalty of death and separation from God.

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So… I’m so glad for the blessing of marriage… and so thankful to my husband… my dear companion all these years.

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2 thoughts on “30 Favourite Things #13

  1. Beth — Yes! it’s just the right gift to give anyone!! And, yes, several months ago I did watch an interview where he explained his views on marriage, family, and more… and how they filmed that shot with his wife, Chelsea.

    Here’s a link: http://www.familylifeculturewatch.com/2008/09/fireproof-marri.html

    Thank you for writing. Great idea about sharing the movie in a class or whatever!!

    I will write about the Love Dare Journal — when I get it and go through it — I hope that will be soon. ;o) love, pamela ♥

  2. LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took my husband to see it for his birthday and he sat there with tears running down his face…we saw it again at our church for a Sunday school class get together and this time I was the one who was crying!
    We have the love dare book and I intend to buy the movie for each of our married children for Christmas this year. It is quite a blessing.
    By the way…I was told at our church that Kirk Cameron made a promise when he became a Christian that he would not kiss another woman even as an actor. The last part of the movie…when he kissed his “wife”….his real life wife was substituted for the actress wife….I’m not sure that is is the truth….but I hope it is!

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