Monthly Archives: January 2016

Month: January 2016 Wasting Time

Do you ever feel like you’re just wasting time? As I was washing dishes the other day, I found myself mentally wading into the pond of regrets and perhaps for the first time ever I stopped mid-thought and wondered what I would have done differently were I to have the opportunity to not waste time. I think when one has faced the cold reality of failures in life, it’s easy to get hung up on failure or to get caught up in rehearsing failures.  It’s also easy to be plagued with the fear of failing again — dreading repeating the same mistakes over and over.  It’s also easy to slip into the paralyzing thinking that the failure defines us–that whatever we’ve done wrong is who we are.  Forever. If we’ve been wasting time, we feel we’re doomed to spend our days wasting time or we’re scrambling like mad to not continue reading

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Month: January 2016 Surveying The Year

Surveying the Year — (a reprint of a message from 12-31-2001) Happy day to you as you work in your home.  I trust the LORD has been working in your heart and home creating in you the woman He designed you to be. As we come to the close of another year, it sure is interesting to look back over the months to review and rehearse the ways of the LORD in the year(s) past.  Are you pleased with the ways the LORD has been preparing for you?  Are you thankful for the paths on which He’s taken you? Did this year go the way you thought it would go?  Surveying the year… that’s what I want to share with you today.  A year ago, I prepared a message for the New Year and in it I shared with you thoughts for the year ahead… ideas for plans, suggestions for continue reading

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