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Category: dear to me blogs Desiring God 2.18.13 – reprint

The Day Luther Died By Jonathan Parnell | Feb 18, 2013 12:00 am In Germany 467 years ago, in a small, backwater town called Eisleben, the shaking hand of a dying man scribbled this simple line: We are beggars. This is true. Martin Luther died on February 18, 1546. These last words of weakness echoed the life-changing truth he’d unearthed in the Scriptures: we don’t bring anything to the table of our justification. Jesus truly died for the ungodly. Luther came to understand that if we are to be accepted by God, we need a perfect righteousness we can’t produce continue reading

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Category: dear to me blogs Guest posting at Renewing Housewives

I have the honour of  “guest posting” today at Jennifer’s Renewing Housewives site. You can read the post: The Dash-lights in Marriage there and also take some time to browse/bookmark her site for numerous encouraging articles along with various resources for you and your family).

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Category: dear to me blogs Unlock The Treasure Chest

I’m out and about today as I have a “guest-post” at friend, Jennifer’s, Renewing Housewives. She’s hosting Titus 2’sDays on her site. You can read my post, entitled, Unlock The Treasure Chest.  And you can read other great articles and encouraging ideas there on her site.  God bless you!

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