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Month: March 2017 Trusting God With His Plans

Trusting God with His plans surely sounds like a worthy disposition for a Christian woman, doesn’t it? Maybe even the proper automatic reaction, too.  Were I to be asked, Do you trust God with His plans? I’d probably instantly and emphatically say, yes. Yes, I trust God with His plans.  And then something hard to deal with happens, it might not look like it.  And it is, I’ve come to believe, in that moment we have a decision to make: Do we act on what we say/think we believe or do we act on what we think we see. Many years ago, when facing a testing of faith, I distinctly remember the thought that came to mind: You’re going to need this. At the time I thought I was going to need what I was learning in that moment — waiting on God to heal, provide and guide in that continue reading

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