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Time was when people could hold to some basic principles or live by personal convictions — decisions that may or may not be or may not’ve been popular — and yet they could sort of remain unspoken or undeclared.  Publicly, anyway.  Time was when people could hold to convictions and only a small circle of community would’ve been aware of the person’s or couple’s personal convictions.  Now… not so. With the advent of email, internet chat-rooms and bulletin boards in the 90’s… e-groups list mail and then the explosion of “social media” such “personal convictions” become public declarations.  Write an article about it or write a book about it and, well, there’s the personal conviction in black and white for the whole world to read.  And comment on. Not lost on me is the fact that our personal convictions can, in many ways, be seen and read of all men.  So, whether we say it or write it,  whether social media publicizes it or not, others can view what we believe or see what our personal convictions are by the decisions we make or the lives we live (this is especially true when our walk doesn’t match our talk). The continue reading

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