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Month: November 2017 Seasons End In Various Stages Of Bloom

I’ve been mulling over the thought of seasons ending in various stages of bloom.  It was below freezing through the night and this morning and as I look out the windows of my warm home, I see all around, summer is falling to the ground. The trees are losing their leaves, many fewer on the trees today than yesterday… more all over the lawn and field. The roses, hydrangeas and other flowering plants are losing their beauty, ending in various stages of bloom. The wood burns hot in my woodstove… wood cut from huge trees that still had more life in them, but instead of standing to provide shade, they were cut down to provide heat.  The seasons of those trees came to an end. The beautiful rosebuds on sturdy bushes remind me there’s still more life in those canes. The tender new hydrangea mopheads amidst hundreds of large, dry continue reading

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Month: November 2017 Faith Made Surer In Trials

It’s not in the bright, carefree summer days that faith’s made sure, it’s in the rain, the cloudy days, and cold, sleepless nights, it’s in waiting rooms, empty mailboxes, sorrowful news that faith’s made surer. Faith is made surer in times of great alone-ness, struggle, steep climbs — uncharted territory.  Faith made surer isn’t cheap, fleeting, emotional, cushy, easy. ore and more that it’s surer faith I desperately want — it’s surer faith I need day by day.  And as I read the Word and as I read years of yesterday’s journal entries, faith is surer than when I first believed.  The humbling thing is that when I first believed, the promises of God — the promises of God that are yea and amen — were all mine.  They were all mine when as yet I had no sure faith — the only faith I had was the gift of continue reading

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Month: November 2017 Writing Raw

Tonight I’m doing something I never do: writing raw. On purpose. On purpose, generally, I never write raw.  I write. I let it set. I come back and rewrite. If it seems pretty set, I “publish.”  Tonight I’m writing raw. Eighteen months ago a journey began here at our house. Totally uncharted territory. Big time. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to feel, I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know what to say. But time went on… and as time went on, I began to know what to do, I began to know what to feel, I began to know what to think, I began to know what to say.  But all the while I was guarded.  I guarded the doing, I guarded the feeling, I guarded the thinking, I guarded the saying. And then the baby was born.   A Beautiful. Precious. Marvelous. Blessing: this baby. continue reading

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