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Month: August 2015 Stand For Life

That’s what missing in the Planned Parenthood equation: Love. That life is precious, that man was made in God’s image and that God in His great love and mercy created us all. All of us. May we stand for life and do so in Love.

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Month: August 2015 Foundational Verses

Through the years as I’ve walked with the Lord, as I’ve walked (or crawled) through the Bible, I’ve marked meaningful verses or passages.  In doing so, I’ve come to see a pattern for myself: foundational verses that I run to, or stand on, regardless my circumstances. They are my mental go-to Scriptures when I face trials; they are my affirmations when I see specific provisions or His specific answers to prayer.  I say ‘His specific answers to prayer’ bcz they are not necessarily the answers to the prayer requests I made, but surely the answers to the prayers I prayed.  Does that make sense?  In fact, it’s a good thing when the Lord does not answer the prayers I pray using  the  suggestions or solutions I offer Him.  It’s a good thing He answers according to His will, in His way and in His timing.  I’m learning to more quickly continue reading

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Month: August 2015 Get the book and be: Present

I’ve had the great privilege of getting to know Keri and was honoured to be asked to read the draft of this book before it was published.  You’ll immediately see her heart in this writing and you’ll likely see yourself in the pages as her story unfolds; it may well describe or reveal a bit of your own story–your own struggle to be present amidst the stranglehold and demands of social media and the desire to be relevant clashing with the desire to be present wherever you are in life. So, get the book, read it… and be: Present.

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