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Month: December 2003 December 2003

The kettle’s on, go get a cup and enjoy today’s blog! The Welcome Home Blog December 2003 The beautiful craftsmanship and decor… at Pension~Anna Leavenworth at Christmas December 30, 2003  A chilly-willy day here! What a blessing to have lots of wood for the stove—our source of heat in this old farmhouse! New stuff in the news… Tim Eyman’s in the news again.  Some folks around here have a different name for the man—I cannot print here.  This time he’s going for the property tax… a 25% reduction which would surely benefit seniors [in their own no-mortgage homes] somewhat but wouldn’t really benefit others insomuch as the reduction in prop tax would mean less of a deduction in income tax, plus a reduction in local services we all need.  Well–*I* didn’t *need* that personal police [dis]service *I* received last month!   However, I’m still thankful for Police and Fire here—–so a continue reading

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