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Month: September 2003 September 2003

Go ahead and get a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy today’s blog! September 2003  September 30, 2003  We’ve come to the close of another month.  I continue to mull over senseless tragedies.  And then I question—who am I to say a tragedy was senseless?  Do I know the mind of God and do I possess understanding of His ways?  He Who creates and sustains all life, Who hides the wind and knows every star by name, Who created the fountains of the deep and sits above the circle of the earth, Who is behind and before and is acquainted with all our ways and knows the number of our days before as yet there was one of them?  Senseless tragedies?  I suppose not—not in God’s economy.  So, what of tragedy?  What would be God’s way in tragedy?  To know Him? To seek His Face? To walk in His continue reading

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