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Month: February 2006 Some Home Making’s

Some Home Making’s February 13, 2006 I had (late last night) decided that in the morning I’d like to share “Some Home Making’s” for today’s blog—and how faithful is the LORD—I had a direction late yesterday and He showed that He had a purpose for it today. Our friend sent us an email this morning: “Type in your home address or a family members’ address. The web site will bring up a map of your neighborhood with small colored boxes on it. The small House icon represents your address; the colored boxes represent sex offenders in your area.   Click on the colored boxes and it will bring up the offender’s photograph and the locations, names and employers.  Click ALL AROUND, you will be amazed at the information you get!” So, out of curiosity,  I did a check and was also amazed.  I also found that I just was reminded continue reading

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Month: February 2006 Another Saturday Morning

Another Saturday Morning February 11, 2006 It’s early… one of the kinds of mornings I treasure so much… spending time with one child—the little early-birdie who brings the sunshine in!   Standing at the counter, and he sitting on the stool with the cutting board pulled out to form a table for him next to the toaster, we enjoyed tea and toast together. I’m purposefully etching the moment into my memory… for the days are fleeting. I’ve browsed the paper (yes, the paper-paper—-I remembered where I’d last set my glasses and thankfully, didn’t have to ask for the billionth time to no one in particular: “has anyone seen my glasses?”) and then I came into the sunroom to see the mails and messages on the computer.    Two letters, in particular, stood out to me this morning… one encouraging me to get back on track writing to and about homemakers/homemaking and the continue reading

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