Monthly Archives: March 2018

Month: March 2018 Unprepared

Just so’s ya know, I’m not a naturally prepared girl — I’m more unprepared than prepared.  But God. It was through many blessings in my life that I learned to be prepared for things. It was through many failures, missed events and opportunities that I had to develop methods to be better prepared for — well, for life. continue reading

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Month: March 2018 Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal is sure a marvelous way to watch for the Hand of the Lord in our lives.  I say marvelous bcz of the many times I’ve seen the “rest of the story” or the completion of the story as I’ve gone back and reread passages written in days gone by.  Had I not kept a note continue reading

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Month: March 2018 Welcome Home

Welcome Home. Some of the sweetest words we all long to hear, long to read, long to know: Welcome Home. Some of you have been reading pages of my journal for many years — some, perhaps, for the first time today.  I’m glad you’re here — I’m glad you’ve been here.  I’m a sporadic blogger but a daily continue reading

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