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Month: January 2004 January 2004

God is the LORD, there is no other. January 2004 Our January Snow and Ice Pictures here’s another one for you, mama… Kathryn and me at a party this past Christmas January 31, 2004  Already the last day of the first month.  What an amazing thing it is to have time seem to be at an accelerated pace.  Early in motherhood, I thought the days were so long but the months flew by—now, the days and months seem to pass in a blink! Kathryn’s doing much better today—has a bit of pain in her leg where the tourniquet was used—that surgery is done in a “bloodless field.”  It’s fascinating to see what’s done in the process—but not for the squeamish—I’ll tell ya that! A lot more to write about the upcoming: Passion movie.  There’s an article circulating that is credited to Paul Harvey and it’s quite a sensitive review of the movie and the effect on the viewer—  From what I’ve heard of Paul Harvey, I imagine he’d likely agree with the words. Today’s a bizzy-bizzy day.  Many have already gathered to hear Dick York share today at Emmanuel Baptist church.  He’s quite a gifted man.  I appreciate his years continue reading

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