So, I made it… and here are some photos…

teacuppamela.pngThe Fiftieth Birthday… goes on and on…

  pamela useless bay   kg birthday cake

It was a wonderful day!  In the first photo, I was having a cup of coffee at the Useless Bay Coffee company!  Yes!  Wes took me and his dear mother on the ferry to Langley where we enjoyed a mocha and a ginger-pear scone!  It was perfect and that mocha was the *best* I’ve ever had!  ;o)

 Then, the next photo is the first of a few birthday desserts!  This is a torte that Kathryn made — with Irish Creme Mousse and Ganache fillings.  It was so yummy!!

 I have been saying that had I known 50 would be so sweet, I would have wished to get here sooner!!

   girls     pamela50

On the morning of my 50th birthday, our daughters, Kathryn & Hannah (with their helpers Naomi & Amelia) prepared a lovely tea party for me and my mother and step father, and my mother in law.    It was really a sweet day! Then in the evening, I was treated to dessert at the Cabbage Patch restaurant in Snohomish.

pamela's 50th birthday plane ride 3  pamela's 50th birthday plane ride 2
Kathryn arranged for me to have an scenic airplane ride!  I’d never been up in a small plane before!!
I was laughing soo much!  I *always* laugh when I am nervous or excited about something!!
It was truly amazing to me how effortlessly we just flew over so many beautiful places in such a short time!
We flew around Mt. Pilchuck — covered in snow!  It will be a long time before I will be able to go back up to the top of that mountain since it was totally white with snow — but I will climb that mountain again… just not as soon as I had hoped!!

pamela's 50th birthday plane ride     pamela's 50th birthday plane ride 4

bouquet  bouquet2
I received such beautiful flowers!!  Tulips from Kathryn were just exquisite — for the tea party.  And then, this elegant bouquet (above) was delivered to me the day before my birthday… from my dear friend, Kelli who lives in Idaho!  I was absolutely delighted to receive this special gift!!  Isn’t it lovely!?!  And this one (below) was a gift from Daniel and Tara…   And the peach roses from Nancy… I love them so much — they’re the most delightful thing to wake up and see each morning!!
I think my lighting was pretty ‘off’ when I was taking these photos!  Ooops!
bouquet 50th  
  flowers from nancy

…and that’s not all!!  There’s more to tell!  We still had one more family birthday party yesterday!!
Can it be?
–Every– day of a person’s life after *50* is  a  c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-i-o-n?!?
♥  I think so!!  ♥



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