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Anderson Family Farm

Our friends, Rick and Kimberlee Anderson’s family business, Anderson Family Farm, is one of the nominees in the Audience Choice Award for one of  Martha Stewart’s features: American Made.   Would you consider taking a moment to vote for this family business as it will help them gain business exposure.  You may also want to help them in a “modern day barn raising” as they seek to move forward in expanding their family enterprise.   Thank you so much for your consideration.

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Gifts from your ♥ home

Each year, about this time, I refer to a “Christmas” page I created on our website and though it’s probably been up (and rarely updated) for the last ten or twelve years, it remains a great resource for me — and I hope it will be for you, too. Regardless how you spend the holidays or Christmastime, there are, no doubt, special things you like to incorporate into your days and evenings with your family. These special things might be traditions or celebrations, family recipes or gifts you prepare and send.

Gifts from your ♥ home

Not a ‘depression era mentality’ at all

It used to be that when someone refused to waste a drop or when someone would save everything from produce baggies to cottage cheese containers to newspapers to bacon grease — people who never threw anything away after the originally intended use — they were thought to be products of the Great Depression and, as such, were tolerated (even if made fun of behind their backs) and “understood.” Then, time passed and folks were mocked for being pack-rats or hoarding things they’d never use — that, or they were secretly embarrassed over their hoarding and hiding and groups like clutterers

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Gift Ideas

A Christian Home

Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

· Give the gift of love and hope… a Bible and a letter of love to the recipient.

· A letter or a poem to one you love… along with a picture in a frame or card.

· Gifts of your time—these can be given to anyone… jobs you can do, things you can make, transportation you can provide, calls you can make.

Gift Ideas