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July July 23, 2004 Growing up in California made me a Californian—but, seriously it’s hard for me to think that now living in Washington makes me a Washingtonian—this is just home to me. But I don’t feel like a Washingtonian.   Now, yesterdays’ blog may have been confusing—as it sounded as if we were in California.  Since California’s not in the real world anyway, how can one be very sure about anything when discussing the country of California.  It’s sort of like the whole place is a cinema or something.  Well, maybe a sinema.   What with all the make-believe and the guhlie-men and the Terminator plays the governor—or would that be better stated reversed.   Oh, the remarkable and the hard to believe—it’s infinite and surreal.   I remember a few years back when my son glanced over at a driver in a red Dodge Viper convertible… at the Saddleback church in continue reading

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