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Two Miraculous Births

Two births — the birth of a mother, the birth of a child.Every time I assist a birth I watch and watch and watch for not one, but two miraculous births — first the birth of a mother, that powerful time of dying to herself with a burst of unparalleled bravery and resolve to give every ounce of energy, hope, and strength to that little life in her pain racked body…and then, of course, the emergence of that little baby — that life that’s been at the center of all the hopes, all the tears, all the anticipation, and of

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Saturday Morning Funnies

My mama sent me an email this morning… I laughed at the different quoted comments and thought I’d share them with you. As I type this, I find myself stunned that I am old enough to hear such questions or statements from my own dear children *and* grandchildren. My-o-my, How did I get so old without growing up!?!?

JACK (age 3) was watching his Mom breast-feeding his new baby sister… After a while he asked: ‘Mom why have you got two? Is one for hot and one for cold milk?

MELANIE (age 5) asked her Granny how old she

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30 Favourite Things #5

So it happened. A letter came in the mail today. From the AARP. No, it was not addressed to: Resident. It was addressed to me. My name – not Mrs. not Ms. Just my name. I know. I still occasionally think that I will receive a letter addressed to: Miss. I even dream think there’s still a possibility of being “carded” at the checkstand buying cooking wine. O, stop laughing. Stranger things have happened.

I think it must be part of that princess deal. I don’t know.

So, why is receiving that ARRP subscription on my 30 Favourite Things

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Naming the grandmother

Another drawback or disadvantage of not having family traditions is that life happens and sometimes you’ve just done things one way or another simply by default. It’s not yo fault, it’s default. Take being Swedish or German or Norwegian or Russian or whatever… there are wonderful traditions that are unique or particular to that country or culture. I’m not so sure what American culture is…. or what things are particular to Americans as far as family and/or traditional or distinguishing customs go. Maybe bigger-better-more. No… bigger-better-more really is a universal thing… it’s just that the bigger-better-more may not necessarily be

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Parenting and Grandparenting Little Ones

The interesting thing about grandparenting little ones while still bringing up little ones at home is the necessary time each requires. Necessary time for instilling priorities and grounding in the relationship, necessary time for attention and care and necessary time for establishing order and authority. It’s a tough balancing act at times.

There’s the grandparents inherent desire to be accepted, appreciated, loved, etc., by the grandchildren — something that really is natural in children, but somehow, generally, grandparents don’t have that solid assurance from their grandchildren that they have from their own children. I think it has to do with

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Happy Grandparenting

I love the testimony of a plaque that hangs on the kitchen wall at our friends’ house. She’s Nana to six grandchildren. As is shown below, the first four letters of the word, spoiled, have been crossed out. It’s a great conversation piece and thought provoking, too. Too often grandparents and other people joke about little children and poke fun at rules and limits. Almost mocking indulgences are made when people give children “treats” or other things the parents wouldn’t want them to have or would want in moderation not excess.

We’re of the same mind that the worst thing

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