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Tip Time

♥ It’s Tip Time! ♥

These tips fall under the categories: I’m so glad I saved _____ ; and the category: Ooooo… saved myself a whole bunch of time and energy by planning for future needs! Yay!

Continually in the mindset of thinking efficiently, make a conscious effort to consider the needs of others–your husband, family, etc., etc. ♦ A kitchen log and/or a journal will help you put it down and out of your mind = eliminate worry. Pray the Lord will guide you as you plan, pray He will give you insight for what you need

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A Well Stocked Pantry and a PPP List

You might consider taking a good look into your pantry… what you’ve got on hand, what do you use most often and what’s lacking?

Then, if you have them, take a look at your most recent grocery receipts – most stores give enough description for you to cipher what’s on the receipt. This is probably the easiest way to start a food pantry shopping/stock list. A well stocked pantry is invaluable for many reasons — not only does it save you a great deal on so many levels, you also have many more options for mealtimes, unplanned

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Write It All Down Before You Forget

If you spend time with me… you know it won’t be very long before you notice me writing something down. I write lots of notes — I even write notes about notes.

Well, tonight in this “write it all down before you forget” blog entry, I actually want to encourage you to add more to your kitchen counter journal or your kitchen log. If you don’t have one, may I encourage you do get a notebook — preferably an inexpensive, but thick, “half sheet size” spiral notebook that you can keep in your kitchen to

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The Dollar Bubble

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TEOTWAWKI – and a fun activity

I always get a little nervous when my husband smiles a certain smile and says he has a fun family activity.

On Sunday night we were talking with friends about all the amazing things going on in our nation, in the government, the political climate and in the financial institutions in our nation and around the world — read: end times; and Wes said he thought he might like for our family to try this fun activity. I knew where this was going — not bcz I had seen the covers of different books Wes has recently been reading

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