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Category: HomeBirth Baby days: ‘Groaning Cake’

These are exciting days as we eagerly anticipate the call that labour’s begun for the newest grandbaby. I feel as though I, too, have been nesting as I’ve been gathering things for the birthing day, excitedly anticipating, along with our son and daughter-in-law, the birth of this little one. Kate and I were talking the other day about things she’s still needing for the upcoming birthing day… and she mentioned Groaning Cake.  I’d not heard of the cake by that name, specifically, but it sounded a lot like ‘energy muffins‘ I’ve made for labouring and beyond.  After a brief search, I found the recipe and saw that the ingredients were quite similar.  So, in the next couple of days I’ve be preparing Groaning Cake for Kate. This, from Ami McKay’s The Birth House, ““The tradition of a groaning cake, or kimbly, at birth is an ancient one. Wives’ tales say that continue reading

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