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Month: May 2012 Savouring the Moments

The symphony of birds, buds and blossoms along with the soft greens seem to sing, Springtime’s here; another season’s underway!  With the passing of time, the Lord is teaching me to savour the moments, to watch for the signs of the seasons.  I can’t really recall if , or what, I’ve written much about the passage of a season that taught me this, but it was the slow dawning of the reality that the childbearing season was slipping away that first began to teach me to savour the moments. I think I’ve told you how (early on) women–mothers–would tell me, “…it goes so fast: before you know it, they’ll be all grown up…” and to those comments I would nod in agreement… as if I understood.  And, I suppose, to a small degree, I did.  Actually, truth be told, I didn’t.  Not really.  And, further, I recognize that I still continue reading

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Month: May 2012 Guest posting at Renewing Housewives

I have the honour of  “guest posting” today at Jennifer’s Renewing Housewives site. You can read the post: The Dash-lights in Marriage there and also take some time to browse/bookmark her site for numerous encouraging articles along with various resources for you and your family).

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