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March 31, 2004    Another month… another calendar page to flip over—revealing 9 months left in this year.  Now the year’s full speed ahead and it’ll pass us by before we know it!  Snow pictures tomorrow! In the current climate of judicial tyranny and anarchy, they’re back in court again—this time to challenge the ban on Partial Birth Abortion.  It’s grievous that babies are being slaughtered by the millions but to be concerned that language or descriptive terms would add emotion to the cases is repulsive to me.  This, from WND: “In the New York trial, plaintiffs’ attorney A. Stephen Hut Jr. warned U.S. District Judge Richard C. Casey that graphic descriptions of partial birth abortion might add “an element of emotion,” reported AP. “It is the nature of this procedure itself that gives discomfort,” countered Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean H. Lane.” Ack!  It’s not reprehensible that millions of babies are being destroyed, it’s the procedure that gives discomfort?!?  The enormous avalanche of sin.  How dark will be that outer darkness! This atrocity is more poignant to me today as I recall just yesterday seeing an hours old baby in the arms of her mother and the precious opportunity of life.  continue reading

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